Nous travaillons pour tous les secteurs

Nos équipes de linguistes, de conseillers culturels et d'experts en technologie apporteront leurs connaissances du secteur à votre projet. Voici quelques exemples de secteurs pour lesquels nous travaillons.


Science and technology are an international business. LinguaLinx offers professional engineering translations to bring new innovations to a global audience. We have the skilled linguists to translate engineering materials from all major branches including electrical, civil, mechanical, chemical and environmental.

In order for products and multinational business relationships to be successful, the communication between all parties including end users must be clear and accurate. To that end, engineering collateral that is properly translated can be as essential to the venture as the underlying concept itself.  

From design and building to the practical use of engines, machines and structures, our engineering translators have the knowledge and experience to provide quality translations for all forms of content.

Your Engineering Translation Needs May Include:

Website and digital media content

Multilingual presentations

Technical documents and drawings
User manuals

Technical and manufacturing manuals

Operation and maintenance manuals

Product catalogues

Drone engineering and operations

Patents and engineering specifications


Data sheets

RFPs and RFIs

Automotive literature and interface manuals

Documentation for training and eLearning courses

Our Engineering Translation Solutions:

Website localization and translation proxy

Document translation and transcription

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)

Transcreation & multilingual copywriting

Globalization workflows

Audio/Visual translations


With engineering translations from LinguaLinx, technology and knowledge can spread further so the advancements of science can bring us closer together.

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